DVLP Medicines has built an entirely new way to develop drugs that digitizes and de-enterprises all aspects of drug development, from company formation to funding to regulatory review. 

Using blockchain technology, we make it possible to advance molecules that were sidelined—not because they were ineffective therapies but because drug development is so costly and difficult that only a few high-priced medicines ever reach the clinic.

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Molecules that make great medicines don’t always make great businesses.

It has never been more expensive or complicated to develop drugs. We’re living in an era of unprecedented biological and scientific insight—but great science by itself isn’t enough. We need smarter, more efficient business processes to develop all the innovative medicines we need.

And we need them now. 

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AMR deaths

Last year, AMR killed 1.3 million people. It could kill as many as 10 million people each year by 2050 if left unsolved.

To develop 1 drug

The average estimated cost to bring a drug to market is $2.6B, a figure that increased 140% over the past 10 years. 

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We need to think about drug development in a whole new way.

DVLP is building a new infrastructure for drug development on the blockchain. By digitizing drug assets, financing, and development workflows, we are reimagining and accelerating the entire process to turn more molecules into medicines.

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Company Overview

Bringing drugs onto the blockchain

Drugs aren’t just physical assets anymore—they’re also packets of data. DVLP converts all files, IP, and molecule history into a secure digital format and brings them onto our platform, where they’re securitized as individual, investable assets.

Digitizing the entire development process

Today, the development process is unique to each drug—but it doesn’t have to be. We use AI and digital ledger technology to move drugs along a common path with necessary FDA guardrails in place and with intelligent contracts driving each step.

Embedded financial, regulatory, operations, and investment

The difficulty of funding new medicines is often a roadblock to success. On the DVLP platform, automation creates frictionless workflows, and embedded finance fractionalizes funding as needed throughout development.

Solution /

The first digital marketplace for drug development that runs on the blockchain.

The way we make medicines in the future must be wildly different from how we work today. Instead of a traditional company structure, our digital marketplace enables stakeholders in finance, research, and development to collaborate seamlessly—removing unnecessary friction. 

The future of drug development will happen in completely decentralized Asset-Focused Organizations (AFOs), which are digital, distributed, integrated, and dedicated to moving a single drug asset forward.

Solution /

It starts with a promising drug molecule.

Thanks to advances in AI, drug discovery companies have more promising drug molecules than they can afford to develop. Our de-enterprised solution makes it possible to develop more of these molecules into medicines.

We digitize the drug asset and put it on the blockchain.

We convert all the relevant IP that defines a potential drug into a digital drug asset, which is managed by a lightweight Asset-Focused Organization as it advances along the drug development rail.

Our platform allows investors, scientists, and vendors to enter and exit the development journey.

Every step of a drug’s development is automatically facilitated by intelligent contracts and is securely documented on the blockchain. Qualified experts on our platform are awarded work and paid automatically, and investors can invest in specific drugs as liquid assets instead of investing in entire companies.

The outcome: data-driven FDA-ready drugs.

Throughout the development process, the data package is updated in real-time, resulting in a data-driven asset ready for FDA evaluation. When the asset is completed or purchased, the Asset-Focused Organization dissolves.

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Active Prototype Asset-Focused Organizations

Platform is Drug and Phase Agnostic


DVLP_001 is a preclinical DNA nanobot that specifically inactivates Bla1 Beta-lactamase for multidrug-resistant K. pneumonia.

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Multidrug-resistant K. pneumonia
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DVLP_002 is a clinical-stage antibody that targets multidrug-resistant C. auris.

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Clinical Stage
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Multidrug-resistant C. auris
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We are professionals from pharma, tech, and finance using every bit of knowledge at our disposal to build the new infrastructure for drug development.

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We deserve a world where no promising molecule gets left behind.

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